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Credit Management
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Welcome to CollectSmart

Our Capability

Flexible Payment

Creditor can provide customers with flexible payment options from bank accounts and credit cards at the point of sale.

Demand Letters

Creditor can send unlimited Creditor Demand letters. (Batch loading for volume accounts).

Solicitor Access

Creditor can instruct a Solicitor to send an email and Solicitors Letter of Demand to warn of pending legal action.

Direct Debit

A Direct Debit Request can be sent with the letters allowing flexible term payments, (the 3% fee charged for monitoring the account is easily passed onto the debtor!).

Web Based

Web based platform provides clients with 24/7 access to the status of each account together with full payment history.

Field Agent Access

Online access to Field Agents to visit the debtor and demand payment.

Fee Recovery

Creditor fees are recoverable from the debtor with the appropriate recoverable clause.

Online Solicitor Referral

Online referral to your nominated solicitor should legal action be required.

Smart Bureau

Giving creditors online access to list and search defaulters.

Cost Effective

Our Approach

Giving Creditors and Credit Managers online access to Solicitors, Field Agents and Payment Monitor providing: Payment Plans, Legal Demands, Field Calls & Process Serving.

How It Works

  • Creditor/Client forwards Service Agreement to NPS Payment Monitor.
  • NPS System Manager sets up 1, 2 and 3.
  • Solicitor contacts and welcomes Creditor/Client.
  • Creditor/Client generates demand letter and DDR to debtor.
  • Creditor/Client instructs Solicitor to generate Solicitors Demand (with DDR).
  • Creditor/Client requests Field Agent to conduct field call.
  • NPS System Manager can set up numerous Solicitors and Field Agents.
  • Field Agents able to set up Field Clients.


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